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Thesis Project

Battery Transport

For my final project, I developed a battery transport system for battery-powered power tools. The batteries are quite heavy, and for a whole days work outdoor you want to have between 3 and 6 batteries with you. but, how can you carry them?


When would you need batteries?



Concept definition

Battery case development
Final Case Design
Flexible positioning

Flexible positioning

The case can be placed in 2 different positions, vertical or horizontal.

Individual doors

Individual doors

Each battery can be locked/unlocked individually, the doors are self locking.

Backplate lock

Backplate lock

The case attaches to the backplate with the sliding locks.

Safety features

Safety features

The batteries are kept safe and dry in the case. the batteries have a tight fit inside the case that prevents movement, the battery terminals are sealed and in case the case gets wet, water can drain out through the hexagon-shaped holes.

Final Design

The final design was a 3-part system made up of 2 cases, the backplate and the harness. So the user can carry a few batteries on a single case or 6 when the whole system is assembled.

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